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Elite Air Taxi is a non-profit, global community based organization, known as a 'virtual airline', that has been in existence since October the 24th of 2015. Elite Air Taxi creates an environment that offers individuals of all levels of expertise the opportunity to learn and enjoy a simulated Executive Business Aircraft experience. We all share a common passion for Executive aviation brand and an interest for flight simulation. We take pride in creating an experience that realistically represents the real-world Executive aviation and the vital role a pilot undertakes in a Private charter. Elite Air Taxi will be the breeding ground of tomorrow private pilots, as such will strive to instill the same professional image upon its members as the real-world Private charter companies has upon its own employees and customers.

1 DEC 21 -- New Site Active

Posted by Ken Goodpaster on 11/11/2021


We are about finished with the updates to the new site and starting 1 December 2021 the old site will be closed and members will be redirected to the new site.

If you want to get a head start on the new site you can sign up at 

Once one of the staff has seen that you have registered, we will change your Pilot Id to your old PID and transfer your hours and funds. Your awards, tours, and flight academy status will automatically get picked up as soon as we reassign your PID.

You will need to download a new copy of SmartCARs for the new site as for now the old SmartCARs client will not work. You can download the new client from here:

Do not go back and fly with the old site once we have transferred you to the new site. We have 250 pilots on the roles and do not have the manpower to transfer hours twice.

If there are any questions please post on DISCORD. Thank you, -Ken. 

Elite Flights in Progress

Pilot Flight Number Aircraft Departure Arrival Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

Our Last Ten Flights

Pilot Flight # Aircraft Departure Arrival Duration
Michael Concannon - ETX538 ETZ 12282 CITATION X KHOU CYHZ 04.00
Lyle Kemper - ETX776 ETB 1752 CITATION CJ4 KORL KCMH 02.02
Leo Goldfine - ETX647 ETX 216471 FALCON 50 LGIR LIMJ 02.28
Luis Lopes - ETX265 ETX 222652 BARON 58 MYLD MUCU 01.11
Leo Goldfine - ETX647 ETZ 12277 FALCON 50 KOAK KRDD 00.32
Leo Goldfine - ETX647 ETZ 12276 FALCON 50 KSNA KOAK 01.00
Michael Concannon - ETX538 ETZ 12275 CITATION X CYHZ KHOU 04.03
Leo Goldfine - ETX647 ETZ 12274 FALCON 50 KHWD KHND 00.52
Jeffrey Walley - ETX796 ETX 8638 CITATION CJ4 KAPA CYYC 02.29
Leo Goldfine - ETX647 ETX 216471 FALCON 50 DTTA LGIR 01.24

Aircraft currently in Maintenance

Aircraft that are currently in maintenance are disabled until the maintenance check is completed!

Currently there are no aircraft undergoing maintenance!