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Elite Air Taxi is a non-profit, global community based organization, known as a 'virtual airline', that has been in existence since October the 24th of 2015. Elite Air Taxi creates an environment that offers individuals of all levels of expertise the opportunity to learn and enjoy a simulated Executive Business Aircraft experience. We all share a common passion for Executive aviation brand and an interest for flight simulation. We take pride in creating an experience that realistically represents the real-world Executive aviation and the vital role a pilot undertakes in a Private charter. Elite Air Taxi will be the breeding ground of tomorrow private pilots, as such will strive to instill the same professional image upon its members as the real-world Private charter companies has upon its own employees and customers.

Elite Flights in Progress

Pilot Flight Number Aircraft Departure Arrival Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

Our Last Ten Flights

Pilot Flight # Aircraft Departure Arrival Duration
Tim Luton - ETX342 ETX 179 COMANCHE KORF KTEB 02.07
Bernard Koch - ETX353 ETX 148343 KING AIR 200 KDUH KUSE 00.09
Bryan Bass - ETX31 ETX 148341 BARON 55 KJKA KLGC 01.26
Bernard Koch - ETX353 ETX 148342 KING AIR 200 KDTW KDUH 00.18
Bryan Bass - ETX31 ETX 148336 BARON 55 KMCO KJKA 02.25
Tim Luton - ETX342 ETX 148080 COMANCHE KCOF KLFI 03.57
Prentice Griffin - ETX210 ETX 148324 AIRBUS CORPO KBUR KCCR 01.05
Andrew Daye - ETX162 ETX 148287 TBM 850 KIDA KVUO 02.08
Prentice Griffin - ETX210 ETX 148322 BBJ KLAS KBUR 00.55
Eric Wehrley - ETX341 ETX 148321 TBM 850 KSLC KTEX 01.09